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Itty Bitty Book Co - Set of Three Inspiration Books

Maker: Itty Bitty Book Co
Price: £9.00
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  • Description

      This best selling set of mini books includes over 75 individually designed quotes by Astra & Al McNicholl as well as stunning imagery from Ireland. Each book has 32 pages, 26 quotes and 7 complimenting photographs. The three books focus on providing Positivity, Strength and Encouragement.

      Each book has a different vibe - catering for the natural ups and downs of life but the set has a gentle encouraging feel overall. Their unique size means you can always have an Itty Bitty Book to hand, one could even fit in your wallet!

      This thoughtful set will suit anyone who has an interest in mindfulness, positive thinking, self-care or just quotes and 'cute little things!'This best selling Itty Bitty Book of Strength is designed for anyone going though a hard time. It has beautiful and gently encouraging quotes making it the most thoughtful small gift in times of need. It is fun and bursting with beautifully designed positivity and inspiration quotes!

      Number of pages: 32 pages per book in including cover
      Book size: 60 x 60mm (2.3" x 2.3")
  • Delivery Information

      Available for collection from our shop in Hillsborough
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