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Felicity Graham - Days of Wine and Wardrobes

Maker: Felicity Graham
Price: £8.99
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  • Description

      It is the early 1980s and the Daniels face bankruptcy. They can't sell their house because of the recession and they need to get money from somewhere so they decide to have an auction to sell as many of their possessions as possible.

      Overnight this pair of forty-something innocents find themselves tipped in the weird, wonderful and occasionally wicked world of auctioneering.

      Their subsequent adventures, travelling the length and breadth of Northern Ireland collecting other people's possessions to sell, learning about antiques and coping with the myriad characters who people the auctions business, fill the pages with laughter, colour, quirkiness and, sometimes, downright chicanery.

      Based on her own personal experiences, 'Days of Wine and Wardrobes', the debut novel from Felicity Graham, will make you smiles and believe anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

      Number of pages: 307 pages
      Book size: 152mm x 229mm x 19mm
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      Available for collection from our shop in Hillsborough
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