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  • Original Art Exhibitions at klöver haus in Moira | Northern Ireland

Aug 20 | Derek Melville | At Home

Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th August 2020
10am - 4pm

With a contemporary style, Derek Melville paints scenes that represent the timeless beauty of the landscape. Living in rural County Down, he draws inspiration from the countryside that surrounds him. This enables him to bring a very current yet nostalgic quality to his painting.

At home in the hills, At home by the sea,
Home is the place, Where I can just be.

As we emerge from an extended period at home, we reflect on what being ‘at home’ truly means to us. Vibrant yet calming, Derek’s work is an artistic portrayal of mindfulness. We find ourselves transported into the scene; returning again with a heightened awareness of the here and now. The juxtaposition works to bring a feeling of energy to the viewer whilst evoking a sense of inner peace.

“This collection of his latest work is both distinctive and evocative; each piece a window to the soul.”