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  • Original Art Exhibitions at klöver haus in Moira | Northern Ireland

Artwork & Prints

The work on display on our website is only a fraction of what we have in our gallery. Our range includes both original artwork, paintings and prints and also limited and open edition prints. Artists from Northern Ireland include Aly Harte, Derek Melville, Piera Cirefice, Kevin Collins, Kathryn Callaghan, Rosemary Gifford and Stephanie Noble. Our catalogue of artwork is constantly evolving so please contact us if you have any specific requests.

Original artwork is a one of a kind piece produced by the artist. An original print has been manually printed by the artist (or with some processes, printed under the artist’s direct supervision) and is not a reproduction. A limited edition print is a reproduction of an original artwork where only a certain number of prints are made.

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