Aoife Tolerton | Luminescence Exhibition

OPENS Saturday 11th February 2023
Continues February 14th · 15th· 16th · 17th · 18th · 21st · 22nd · 23rd · 24th · 25th

10am - 4pm

Aoife Tolerton is an artist and illustrator specialising in botanical art and this exhibition of original watercolours and acrylics focuses on floral studies and bees. She is an avid nature lover and works from her home studio overlooking Belfast Lough and the Copeland Islands. Aoife studied at the renowned National College of Art & Design, Dublin and previously worked as a graphic designer in print & advertising.

Being a lover of all things botanical, Aoife's work explores the intense visual effects of light on plants and flowers. Luminescence uncovers and highlights the complex patterns and contrasting vivid colours, sometimes on a macro level. Some of her pieces are highly realistic and others have tended to go down a more abstract route. Exploring the individual personalities of plant life has been a huge part of her botanical studies and she finds abstracting and exaggerating elements through magnification, distortion, contrast and colour helps her to reveal an alternative side to the sometimes overlooked.
Colour inspires Aoife, capturing the rich saturated glow of a 'Bora Bora' Dahlia to the contrasting dark intense greens of a Swiss Cheese Plant. She mainly uses watercolour and acrylics because of their translucent properties and the fact that they can be layered to create different intensities of colour, illustrating the ethereal qualities of her botanical subject matter.

You can view and download the exhibition list here.


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